A 'good fit' is not good enough. 

Practical Business Consulting is ideal for entrepreneurs and owners who are ready to embark on a journey of discovery and transformational growth. We are absolutely committed to your success and recognize that for the client-consultant relationship to achieve the best results, the fit must be great. 

Our selection process includes a complementary one-on-one coaching session, followed by a written survey. A proposal for services is only provided to the company if our criteria has been met and we are confident that we can provide maximum value.

How's your cheese?

You work hard to grow your business. As an owner, you wear a lot of hats and do what it takes, no matter what the sacrifice. But, if your cheese has holes, the future of your company may be at risk. Most businesses fail in today’s market because of one or more of these ten holes:

  1. Financial strategies are missing
  2. Business fundamentals are weak
  3. Alignment among ownership is fractured
  4. The vision is not shared by the team
  5. The "Why" is not clearly defined
  6. Marketing, branding and/or innovation is lacking
  7. Policies are undeveloped and/or misunderstood
  8. Effective training is not delivered consistently
  9. The company is only Transactional rather than Transformational
  10. Allocation of team members conflicts with an effective organizational structure

Practical Business Consulting provides each client with a clear and customized plan.

If any of these describe your business, you may have a serious problem:

  • I am a sole proprietorship or partnership
  • I am not familiar with asset protection.
  • I only think about taxes when I have to file a return.
  • I don’t understand entity fundamentals- what’s the point?
  • I am a power team of one.
  • I am not sure if my business is properly covered for losses and damages.
  • If something happened to me today, my business would likely cease to exist.
  • There is never enough time in a day.
  • I tend to be reactive rather than proactive, and am always chasing after money.

Our Founder, Jason Hull, Interviewed by On The Beam: